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I really wish the Food Network would put out a vegan cooking show. Or, even a vegetarian cooking show would be close enough. They have an entire 24/7 channel devoted to cooking yet don’t have a single show devoted to vegan cooking. Shame! They must not believe there’s a market and high enough demand but if that’s what’s holding them back they have to be wrong — there’ just too many of us. This could be a great opportunity for them to introduce the masses to cooking with tofu and grains such as quinoa and amaranth.

The good news is there are a two great cooking shows I’ve found:

Totally Vegetarian is great. It’s on everyday on PBS where I live. The host is Tony Fiore and the recipes sometimes use dairy but seem to be mostly vegan. She cooks alot with tempeh which I like because I rarely get to see demonstrations of cooking with it and since I’m relatively new to cooking with it, that helps me.

Emeril Green is not really vegan/vegetarian and but it’s focus is on fresh, healthy, local food and alot of times that ends up being vegan! He has ordinary people on the show that usually need help with cooking and together they make a few dishes.  Often the people are vegan or have food allergies and his solutions are always smart and make create uses of squashes, grains, and vegetables in general.  He does cook with meat sometimes but it’s clearly not the focus.  I’m really happy that Emeril is doing this. He style of cooking was always a little heavy for me and since going vegan pretty impossible.  But, the Emeril Green recipes all look fabulous (I mean the vegan ones, of course :) )


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  1. I totally agree!! And here I thought I was the only one thinking that exact same thing. I am a new convert to vegetarianism and am tired of spending money on magazines that are just starting to pile up to find new recipes. I love watching the Cooking Channel and love Giada and Ina and Rachel and the Neely’s… but they are usually doing up some meal that involves meat. We NEED a channel that would ONLY show how to make some nice and interesting vegan or vegetarian meals… Thank You!

  2. Hello to all vegans and vegetarians in the entire world, your beg for a vegan food channel has been heard and might be granted soon. We are on the way to realize this. Presently lounging our internet platform where you will be able to watch interesting and healthy food cooking the only and very only vegan style.
    Based in Singapore we would love to create our first vegan cooking show concept around vegan Asian cooking on the first round but not limited to. We are in the middle to look for vegan cooks and chefs already. This will become an exciting show for all vegan and vegetarians we promise you.
    Pls come over, read on our blog, comment on it, befriend us, demand us, all these actions can only make it faster to finally have a real vegan cooking channel out.

  3. I agree, why can’t they offer atleast one show? They also have the cooking channel now.

    For Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to gift myself the vegan diet. I will turn 31 in just a few days and decided it is time to get my body in the best shape of my life. My DVR was packed with cooking shows and my bookshelves are stuffed with cookbooks, all of course, non vegan/vegetarian. I cleared my DVR and have been searching for new shows to get inspriation from. I think its a shame that between the two networks, there seems to be nothing dedicated to this way of life. They have had several Next Food Network Star contestants wanting to have a show along our lines, but nothing so far. Hopefully that will change!

  4. Have any of you thought about having your own Vegan cooking show? If so, we’ll air your show on our network, which is the Krazy Good Food Network, which is located at We are airing shows/programs produced by home cooks, professional chefs or anyone who has programming dedicated to food of some sort. We are specifically looking for vegetarian and vegan programs. If you or anyone you know is interested, have them contact us at:

  5. Thank you for sharing that information. I am converting to vegan and need to learn to cook all over again! Food network needs to add a few shows for vegans and vegetarians. Hope they hear the requests of all the people:)

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